Tarot-Three Of Cups

Published: 25th June 2012
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The focus is on self-improvement, self-healing (nourishment or recovery), self-realization and self-love, social interactions, the effects of others, spirital awakening, and/or animals or pets.Since you will be unable to control external conditions, you will realize that you must change internally, and you will want to revise your attitude and the way you react or deal with what is happening.Your success will come through friends, social outings, or social connections, and some or all of your expenses will be paid by another.You need to be loved and nurtured, and you will want to BE loving but need to feel that you are loved and fulfilled first. An empty cup can't quench anyone's thirst.A personal dilemma is going to work out much better and more quickly than anticipated. This could also indicate an altered-state experience or discussions of marriage.You'll be over-sensitive, over-reactive, and over-emotional and will feel that no one understands you or really cares. You need to share your feelings and talk about what's bothering you.Conditions around your home will be upsetting.

And if you had planned an outing or made an appointment to see a doctor, you'll change your mind or cancel it.A small outing is in store (or a trip to a doctor or vet), and plans for a family get-together will be confirmed.You will be inundated with work that involves researching, organizing, or correlating information, and you will be very antagonistic toward another in conjunction with papers because their actions, words, or deeds will infuriate you.Your mind won't be on your work, and you will wish you could put it off or take some time off. You will even wonder if you should look for a new line of work, something less taxing.A new beginning will bring great happiness and joy, and problems will be a thing of the past.You'll be bothered by a conversation with another (could be a close relation) and an unpleasant decision that must be made or communicated.Being in the company of others, serving others, or resolving arguments with your friends or family will bring both pleasure and satisfaction.You are going to be upset by a communication breakdown or unsettling conversation with another, but it will be resolved in a happy way.You're in for a very upsetting or emotionally charged incident where a family member or pet is concerned.A period of indulgence (like eating or drinking too much) is indicated. This could also indicate abuse through pills or alcohol.

Expect to receive payments, checks, or money orders.In time, conditions will improve considerably, and an animal or pet could be the catalyst that tilts your emotional scales by bringing out your compassionate love nature. Also, a suitor will call and want to spend time with you.You will find yourself surrounded by many loving and supportive friends -- friends you never thought you had -- and you will make many new friends.You will have the gift of GRACE in your affairs, and you will buy something for yourself.You're going to get some unexpected news regarding a letter, contract, or document that could be a turning point in achieving your goals. And/or you will get tickets in the mail.You will be over-reactive, over-indulgent, and over-emotional, and you could be troubled by a weight problem. This could also indicate a problem over a pet or sadness over a cruelty done to an animal.You will be very disappointed in the callous, half-hearted, or luke-warm response to something of great importance to you, and in misunderstood words or cancelled appointments.False starts or a sense of alienation from others will come to an end.You are going to experience a renewed feeling of self-worth or satisfaction about who you are, where you're going, or what you represent.

Be willing to run the risk of failure. Give your ideas a shot, and don't allow yourself to be intimidated by others.You will "inherit" something you will like very much.You may not know it now, but a friend or admirer is trying to reach you or will call while you're away, and an R.S.V.P. will be required of you.You will be relieved about a financial matter or that you were able to sustain yourself thus far and that light has been shed on an area of great concern, one that filled you with much fear or apprehension.Realize what it is you're striving for or what you want to represent, and know the supply will meet the demand. Whatever you choose will be the right choice.You'll be lucky in resolving dilemmas and attaining whatever assistance you want or need. You will also be lucky with wearing apparel.Great improvements will be made in many areas through your decisive actions, and any strife you may have suffered in the past is going to come to an end.


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