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Published: 21st March 2012
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Greetings! I I'd like to share a simple truth I have learned from years of psychic work and giving readings. Each and every one of us on this planet have a natural born intuition. The greatest difference between psychics and most people is that Psychics trust their gut!

According to the London's Daily Mail, The unconscious mind responds to objects in relation to an individual's goals - and how the unconscious continues to influence feelings about these objects once the goals are reached, whether or not the outcome has been successful.

'In the past few years, we recognised that some of [Sigmund] Freud's ideas on the unconscious mind were, in fact, correct and that a lot of our decision-making and a lot of our feelings are based on things that we're not really aware of,' said Moore, who is an assistant professor in the Alberta School of Business 'In our study, we looked at how our unconscious feelings about objects in the environment influence how we pursue goals.'

Moore notes previous studies have shown when it comes to short-term, finite goals, such as responding to basic needs like thirst or hunger, the unconscious will evaluate objects and form preferences based on whether the object will help an individual achieve the goal.
We all get feelings and hunches. First they are usual in the form of "instinct." Unfortunately, many disregard these truths. We say "I must be making this up" or "maybe I'm over reacting". The truth is, we have been told time and again that the intuition of our bodies will lead us astray.

As creations of the Divine, we are all made with wisdom, spirit and truths planted deep inside. Our physical bodies are made up of visible tools like hands, feet, eyes, ears and skin to help guide and direct our actions. We also have inner tools we don't see but we know exist, like our brain, heart and blood. Do we question these organs because we cannot see them? We know these are components that make up the whole of ourselves. One of our greatest attributes as humans is our deep knowing, which many refer to as "the gut." Our knowing is a valuable place where inherent wisdom and intuition is held. We can't see it, but we sure can feel it!
A friend of mine called me recently, completely confused, frightened and out of sorts. I had spoken with her the night before, just before her first date with Josh. The story went something like this:

Gert was asked out by Josh, who seemed nice and interesting. She said yes and immediately noticed a knot come racing to her gut. As the hour of the date came closer, the feeling got worse. We met for tea just before the date and she relayed this awful string of sensations. I said "Girl, cancel the date!" She didn't.
Then early on in the evening, the man became clingy and began showing signs of being crazy. The date continued and as did Gert's ever worsening stomach ache. The night got more and more weird and finally enough was enough. Gert set her boundary, left the date and called me in tears.

More often than not, gut wrenching situations can be avoided by gut-checking first! This is a tool I use as a reader. Throughout my readings I am checking in with what is real, what my gut is telling me and trusting that it is absolutely right. The more we listen to our bodies, the wisdom within, the more we will make choices that lead us in the direction we want our lives to go!

Check in with your gut! Take a moment before speaking, acting or responding to listen to your body's intuitive guidance and go get 'em!

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